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Luxurious Villas close/ near the Mediterranean sea for a sale direct from the Developer AKAY GROUP OF COPMANIES offering you ā€œA piece of paradiseā€.

"Building and construction of luxury Villas is the major aim of The AKAY GROUP OF COMPANIES and we are offering now a complex of Villas in the sea side town of Kemer, which are detached Villas and also at the sea Resort of Belek, just 100 meters from sea.

No doubt to possess Villas near the Mediterranean Sea must be your dream which with our help and support your dream will materialize.

We can make your life brighter and happier. A house on the beach will be your peace of mind and a part of paradise in practice.

First of all you will be benefited by being a freeholder of luxury Villa and enjoy the fresh, clean air, and the incomparable beauty of the surrounding and the Mediterranean Sea.

Buying a house near the Mediterranean sea apart from all other pleasures you will have sun shine most of the year and a warm and light heart fullness.

The AKAY GROUP OF COMPANIES is comprised of dedicated professionals, readily available to share their expertise and to assist our clients at all stages of their purchase. We invest the time to bring you a first-class service paying particular attention to your needs and budget requirements.

A very warm welcome againā€¦


The Luxury Villas in Kemer and Belek are a safe and profitable investment. The prices of these villas are rising every year. Especially, when these are at a prominent, quiet place near the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

There can be no loss but gain to the investor. Never the less profits can be derived without problem.

General interest shown for the villas by the buyers is encouraging and the tremendous interest must be pushing the price upwards.

Quite frankly, it is becoming difficult to buy a house or Villa near the Mediterranean Sea, because shortage of lands and building sites. It must not be overlooked that renting of villas nowadays is extremely profitable and an indefinite income.

Yours truly,